Friday, February 8, 2008

An Invitation

I have been extended the opportunity to teach one of our church's adult Family Bible Hour classes over the next couple of weeks. This class has been going through the book of Acts verse by verse and this week we will be discussing the Jerusalem council in chapter 15. I will not be teaching this week, but in the next couple of weeks following this coming Sunday I will be teaching the class. When I substitute for the class, we will leave the book of Acts behind and move forward into early church history to discuss the creeds, confessions, and councils of the early church fathers and what role those events play in our lives today. We will be discussing dates, people with names no one can pronounce, and lot's of various "ism's" (asceticism, antonomianism, Pelagianism, etc.) So, if you are in the area and would like to fall asleep to the sound of my voice, we would love to have you. Actually, it should be a very interesting study and I am looking forward to teaching the class. As a result of my study preparation over the next few weeks, there may be a related post or two that ends up here. If you've managed to read this far consider yourself officially invited to attend.

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MadMup said...

Thanks for the invite - it sounds interesting, and I'd love to hear you teach!

Sadly, I'll be unable to leave Indiana until after Easter - our practices for our Passion Play are on weekends. Sorry :(