Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm not an emotional person. What I mean by that is that I am not easily moved to tears. In fact I would be hard pressed to recall the last time that I did cry. Not any time in the last few years of that I am sure. I don't say that out of some prideful masculine bravado, but rather, I am just stating the fact that is. Sometimes I wish tears would come easier. At times I feel as if though my lack of tears are indicative of a cold and uncaring heart. I hope that is not the case. I confess this in my life for two reasons. First, I pray that God would create in me a tenderness for the world directly around me. That His Spirit would let me see with eyes that see past the faces of people to the souls that are perishing within. That I would be living more and more with an eternal kingdom perspective. Secondly, I would like to draw attention to two new blogs that I have linked to on the side. I have started reading them recently and I recommend them heartily. Sometimes they are quite humorous, but very often they move me to be shaken to my core. In the writings of these two ladies, I see a glimpse of just how much hurting this world has in it. Their posts almost move me to tears frequently and that says a lot. Yet I continue to read due to the quality and the uniqueness of their posts, but more importantly because they show me how small my world is and how much more I need to be doing for Christ's kingdom.

Some of their latest posts that I recommend can be found here at 6 Year Med and Ali's African Adventures.

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