Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Anyone who spends a short amount of time with Kim will learn that she has a passion about getting good deals in shopping. She coupons most of the time and is frequently sending in rebates. As I have said before, she lives the example of the Proverb's 31 wife who shops for the field, waits until it goes on clearance, pays for it with coupon in hand, and then sends in a rebate to make it free.

Monday evening she came home from work and as she walked into the door she said, "I need the camera."
I asked, "Why?"
Her reply was, "Do you love me?"
At this moment there are warning bells going off in my head, the whole flashing lights and the "awoogaa!, awoogaa!" But with camera in hand and all three children in tow we walked out to the car. It seems that Kim had gone to Walgreens after work to pick up a few things. When she walked in she noticed a large cart full of Halloween items that Walgreens was trying to get rid. Now understand, we aren't Halloween people. We don't do all of the decorating and we don't hand out candy. Our kids have gotten past the age for trick or treating and frankly I am glad. Anyway, Kim asked the manager how much for the cart of stuff. The manager said that the carts were $10 apiece and that there were 2 carts left. As Kim mulled this over the manager said that they wanted to get rid of it and that she would give Kim both carts for $15. At this time Kim knew she wanted the candy in the carts, but not all of the rest of it. However another lady walked up at that very moment and asked how much for the cart and before the manager could reply, Kim said, "I'll take all of it." By all of it, the manager decided that she meant all of it. So for $15 Kim got the 2 large carts full of stuff and then the manager and assistant manager loaded every remaining Halloween item in the store into the trunk and backseat of Kim's car. All of it for $15.

To sweeten the deal, our neighbor came over and took a bunch of the Halloween decorations and paid Kim $5. Kim didn't ask for the $5, but the neighbor insisted since she took so much stuff. So we only ended paying $10 out of pocket. If you are doing the Christmas Child shoeboxes and need candy, please call us. Also, if anyone has need of a bunch of plastic pumpkins, shoot me an e-mail . . . please shoot me an e-mail.

A partial list follows;
200 plus treat bags.
30 Large plastic Jack-o-lantern pumpkins.
3 witch hats with wig.
multiple window clings.
4 large pop-up lawn ornaments.
Many various ceramic Halloween decorating items.
75 large bags of candy.
Plus more than I care to list.

The reason for the purchase was the candy. We will send most of the candy in shoe boxes to Samaritan's Purse so that they may distribute it to children around the world.

I have a few pictures that really don't do the the event justice. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Our regular camera is on the fritz.

Most of the stuff piled up in our living room.

The trunk of the car before we unloaded it.

The backseat of the car.

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