Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now For Something Completely Different

One of my friends from high school is very involved in the start-up of a brand new company. The company's name is Alice , because after all, everyone needs an Alice. At least that's what their company slogan says. To be honest I'm not exactly sure how the company will work, but it is my understanding that consumers will be able to purchase household cleaning items, personal hygiene items, and other things and have them delivered to your home all with free shipping.

Now anyone who knows anything about our family knows that we love good deals. So our curiosity is peaked. Well, yesterday, to spread the word about the company, Alice offered up a freebie to anyone who posts about them on their blog. Which brings us to this.

Free Toilet Paper. For A Year.

Now who couldn't use that? I encourage you, no, I implore you to go and enter for yourself. If for no other reason, do it so that one day in one of those conversations when someone asks you if you have ever won anything you will be able to say, "I won a years worth of toilet paper." Now that's a conversation starter.
Contest ends Saturday, June 6 at midnight.

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