Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update and song thoughts

Kim's test went well yesterday. The area of concern is no longer. She has what the doctor referred to as "redundant tissue", which means that she has a little more heart then the rest of us. There is no follow up needed with the cardiologist so this is all good news.

This last week has brought with it a song. It is a song that I knew and was familiar with, but it seems almost as if I am listening to it with new ears recently. It is the song "You Created" by Caedmon's Call. I find it amazing that the familiar can so many times become new for us when we view it or listen to it or read it. This often happens for me with scripture. Anyway, this song points to me where my focus should be and the idols in my heart that I have made of my own pleasures. It also reminds me of a quote by John Calvin, "The evil in our desire typically does not lie in what we want, but that we want it too much." What Calvin means is that most of what becomes sin for us is not that we desire wrong or evil things, but rather that what we desire becomes too much of am emphasis. Our blessings, given to us by God, too often become our gods or the objects of our delight instead of the Giver. Anyway, here are the lyrics to the song.

Who is like unto the Lord our God
Who dwelleth on high, Who dwelleth on high
Who is like unto the Lord our God
Who dwelleth on high, Who dwelleth on high

You dwell in glory
The heavens are Your home
You began the story
And made Your beauty known

But You created nothing
That gives me more pleasure than You
And You won't give me something
That gives me more pleasure than You

You hung the planets
In Your image You made man
I'm overcome and broken
At the wonders of Your hand


Robbie said...

I like your blog. It is similar to mine in content. I really like Piper, MacArthur and Sproul and I see you do also. Glad to hear Kim's tests turned out okay.

Robbie said...
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MadMup said...

Glad to know things went well with Kim's tests. Please keep us posted.

My Dad wrote to tell me he ran into you at Menards the other day and that you recognized him because of his "Internet fame." Cracked me up :)