Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tiny Tidbits

What a funny word! Tidbits! Say it. Let it roll off of your tongue. It will bring a smile to your face. I don't know, it just struck me as an amusing word as I typed it in.

Well I haven't posted in a little while and I wanted to throw forth a few items I think may be helpful, amusing, interesting, etc.

First. I have added links to some of the books that I am reading or have read. If you click the title, it will take you to Westminster Books where you may then purchase the book if you would like. Great book store, great prices, $5 flat shipping fee. One of my favorite internet purchase destinations.

Secondly, this past Tuesday found me again in the history classroom. Since we had been off for a while due to Christmas vacation and what not, I decided that a game quiz was the way to refresh the memories of the students. One of the questions that I asked was, "Who was the first person to physically circumnavigate the world?" If you answer Magellan, you would be incorrect. Magellan never actually made it all the way around since he died in the Philippines prior to his ships making it back to Europe. Actually, Sir Francis Drake, in his ship the Golden Hind, physically made his way around the world first. When I asked the question, our youngest participant, Joshua, raised his hand and said, "I don't remember his name, but his ship was the Golden Rear." Golden Hind, Golden Rear, priceless.

If you look down the column on the right hand side of the blog's home page, you will see a button for Sitemeter. Sitemeter records how many people view my blog, where they are from (approximately, as in by region, not your street address), and how they found the blog. Interestingly enough, the majority of people who pop into the blog after finding it via Google search, arrive when they are searching for the term, "dactylic meter". Who knew?

Lastly, this was sent to me yesterday. It is truly amazing.

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