Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time Wasting Recommendations

Tim Challies had a link to this fascinating article today. It is ten things you didn't know about the earth. Some of it is over my head, but all in all it shows to me the sovereign hand of God in creation. Click here to read the whole article.

Within that article is a very cool mapping tool. Well, at least it is amusing. Remember when you were a kid and you thought if you dug a hole straight down you would end up in China? Turns out you were probably wrong. However, you can find out where you would have ended up if you did dig the hole by going to the map tunneling tool.

I came across this site a while back and have forgotten to post it, but here it is now. It is a free music/pay as much as you want to music site founded by Derek Webb of Caedmon's Call fame. The site has a good variety of Christian music and it is all free to download. You have to provide three e-mail addresses in order to get the free music. Yes, you may use my e-mail address as one of the three. Enjoy!

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